Create. Maintain. Syndicate.

Atomm Automotive is a focused and streamlined solution helping automotive parts manufacturers and suppliers’ create and manage their product data.


Atomm XDM is a multi-industry, multi-domain data management platform. From there, we asked the industry to help us use the platform to create a low cost, low drag solution for every automotive supplier. ACES or PIES or whatever comes next, Atomm Automotive makes it easy to manage the most important data of today and adapt to the needs of tomorrow. When you purchase Atomm, you get one platform with many solutions.

This technology and the data driven principles behind it have been proven out and finetuned over the last 30 years as the backbone technology of large enterprises across every industry. Our platform ATOMM takes that technology and the lessons learned from thousands of large-scale deployments and brings it to market at a price accessible to anyone with an interface focused on usability.


Our benefits can be broken into two categories Core Benefits of the ATOMM Platform, and Key Benefits of the Automotive Solution


Reduce overall spend, eliminate growing SaaS spend, invest into a single solution that your company can own outright


Single design language, central platform and dashboards for all solutions, single place to log-into, train all users on one interface


Centralized architecture that makes building new solutions a rinse and repeat process with the ease of low/no code configurations

Key Features & Solutions

Collaborative content authoring conforming to PIES Standards

Flexible Product Information management including custom fields

Data Governance (automated data validation and completeness)

Automated data syndication to channel partners using PIES, Flat files, STEP XML formats