Our Solutions

Our solutions and the value they provide have been honed through experience across numerous industries solving some of the most challenging data problems there are. Leveraging ATOMM and its inherent flexibility means that your business will get a custom fit solution with SaaS prices and maintenance.


Specific is efficient. With ATOMM, an organization can create customized data solutions for every situation. Users have the flexibility to support their unique ERP needs.


ATOMM empowers you to generate and retain clients by creating a customized CRM environment for your processes, resources and communications. Perfect the solution you need to fulfill your sales needs with ATOMM.


A streamlined Point-of-Sale package delivers a better experience for your client and you. ATOMM provides the foundation for you to build a tailor- made data model to improve sales tracking, payment acceptance and product services.


MDM is at our core. ATOMM empowers you to build an expansive data hub customized by your users for your users. They will use it, learn it and then fine-tune the solution with simple configurations. Each element of data organization, management and syndication can be quickly modified and updated as business needs change.


Evolve your digital catalogue management. ATOMM’s Digital Asset Management configurations give users unrivaled control to capture key metadata elements describing each asset, relate the assets to products, customers, locations, etc and share and collaborate with other users.

User Portals

Specific interfaces equal efficient users. Create custom user experiences to support employees, customers, vendors and more with ATOMM. Building focused interfaces to perform tasks like data enrichment and management, cutting or making purchase orders or internal communications drive efficiency and make new user onboarding easier than ever before.

Print Publications

Create and manage your business print catalog service in one application that allows you to develop a publication model that serves both digital and print catalogs.


Centralized data is usable data. Define, refine and deploy a single source of truth for your products with ATOMM. Increase data accessibility and accuracy by organizing data in one location, and ensuring all of your systems speak one language.


ATOMM scales with your needs. From an intuitive drag and drop interface for simple tasks to complex automations written and managed by your business users, ATOMM adapts to each situation. Handle your key business processes the way you want with a platform prepared for every task.

Disparate/Siloed Data

Siloed data can create unexpected costs and cause unwanted inefficiencies within your business. ATOMM increases efficiency and accuracy by creating a central hub for data that is currently being managed in multiple systems and spreadsheets. Reduce risk to your customers and improve data quality across your business with ATOMM.


Time to Market

A company's ability to identify internal problems, ideate solutions to those problems and get those solutions up and running quickly is paramount in today's fast-acting world. ATOMM’s configurability enables you and your business to act swiftly which means more solutions can be built and more problems can be solved.


Avoid the headaches of duplicate data with ATOMM. Apply tried and true matching and linking business rules to eliminate duplication concerns and establish a true golden record for your products and customers.


Utilizing hierarchical inheritance is easy with ATOMM. Eliminate the need to enter and manage repeat values for product variants and children. Let ATOMM do the work for you with the flip of a toggle switch.

Process Improvement

Innovate and succeed with ATOMM. Our broad range of workflow and automation features allow your business to deploy new processes, track progress and make continuous updates and improvements.


All data shouldn’t be all access. ATOMM’s data definition, workflow and user privilege capabilities allow you to enforce governance into your data management solution. Restrict or expand permissions based on size, type and/or category to fit your workflow and business needs.



Unearth new data with ATOMM. Its vast range of integrations and proficient workflow engine empower you to capture more data and make sense of business operations in ways that were previously impossible. Give yourself a competitive advantage by expanding your capabilities and efficiency.

Business Intelligence

Atomm’s business intelligence and data visualization capabilities allows your business to report on KPIs that are critical to the needs of the business.

Product Categorization/Standardization

Surpass industry standards with ATOMM’s product categorization tools. Manage multiple hierarchies, sync them with industry standards and syndicate that data downstream to efficiently and effectively sell products through multiple channels. Organizing product data allows your business to oversee a primary dataset and tailor it to specific customer needs.

Metadata Management

Metadata management doesn’t have to be complicated. ATOMM’s data modelling approach helps you manage multiple attributes, data type definitions and lists of values so your business can keep attribute definitions in sync between inbound and outbound applications.

Rapid Development & Prototyping

One platform from start to finish. ATOMM’s feature sandbox consolidates your efforts into a single platform to progress through every phase of development. Ideate, design, build, test and deploy with ATOMM.


Data Syndication

ATOMM’s dynamic syndication capabilities allow your organization to receive and transmit data in various formats:

  • XML
  • JSON
  • CSV
  • Excel
  • iDoc

Real-time capabilities can also be leveraged in ATOMM with a robust API solution to syndicate data seamlessly.

Data Modelling

Data modelling shouldn’t be intimidating. ATOMM helps business users identify, understand, organize and manage data without needing an architect’s experience. Minimize user training requirements and ramp up times with multiple views of your data.

Location Management

A Location Management solution can be integrated within Atomm. Captured address, contact, operational information to maintain critical information about retail, warehouse, or supplier location. Develop relationships between products and retail location where sold or products and warehouses where produced or distributed to get a holistic view of the life cycle of a product. Google Map integration.

Supplier/Vendor/Customer Management

Businesses depend on user portals, and ATOMM provides everything you need to make sure the job gets done. Multi-tenant capabilities allow you to design, build and evolve as many individual user portals as needed. Each portal is built right on top of your primary software platform and requires no integration while ensuring company-wide continuity of data, assets, transactions and business processes.

Use Cases

Your business units and departments have challenges ranging in concept and importance. Traditionally these use cases couldn’t be solved and managed with a single platform, but ATOMM aims to solve this. By integrating your business units to a single backend, your employees can react to new challenges faster than ever driving insights right across the business.


While there are universal problems that companies in every industry face, each differs from the others in important ways. Understanding these differences helps us to adapt our solutions and best practices so that our platform becomes a solution, and the solution never stops evolving.


It’s easy to think of the automotive industry as represented by the OEM’s and big box distributors, but Atomm knows that there are thousands of manufacturers, suppliers and smaller distributors that make the industry work. We provide an accessible yet powerful and scalable solution that enables you and your business to organize and monetize your data.


ATOMM XDM is designed to solve the retail sector’s unique challenges. Leverage dynamic data modeling capabilities to segment business product data needs and automate the process of onboarding products by leveraging workflows, business rules and integration plug-ins. Accelerate your time-to-market with ATOMM XDM.

Consumer Packaged Goods

ATOMM organizes your data, automates your processes and provides visibility, transparency and modularity. Create a single view of your product by cleaning up data and uploading it to a model based on proven standards. Share that data fluidly between manufacturing, distribution and the end customer, all while collecting and distributing valuable analytics. Your best people will be able to make improvements and refine processes and methods without a call to the dev team.


ATOMM XDM allows manufacturers and distributors to quickly syndicate goods and services to various channels and logistical hubs in an intense global market.

Health Care

Hospitals require nuance. ATOMM is prepared to handle the many small details that must be considered to create an efficient environment for caretakers and patients.


Government regulations require strict compliance which creates a demand for accurate and consistent data. Governments, policy makers, and communities want to know utility and energy companies are following environmental standards, policy and procedures are reliable, and emission guidelines are upheld. Additionally, the shift toward renewable and cheaper energy creates an opportunity to explore alternative energy sources like natural gas, solar, and wind.

Private Equity

Driving MOIC and IRR are paramount to tkeeping investors happy when handling capital. ATOMM’s team is deeply familiar with the private equity and venture capital worlds and knows transparency can be more important than the amount of capital returned.


Better data means less risk and improved decision-making. Having data from various sources helps consumers, banks and investment organizations make informed decisions on financial products like ETFs, options, futures, and stocks. ATOMM XDM helps facilitate real-time financial data updates for consumer applications and provides tools for a self-service experience while giving you a 360-degree view of customers, products, and financial data in one application.


No one wants to deal with the tedium of a claims process, especially after researching and picking the right insurance plan at the right price. Unfortunately, most of us will have to do just that at some point in our lives. From fender benders all the way to complex health insurance claims, the seven types of insurance have complex processes, regulations and conversations...


A government’s primary purpose is to serve its citizens. They should be considered customers, and customers have different data points associated with them, like licenses, permits, and personal data stored with local, state, and federal governments. ATOMM XDM can consolidate information from various governmental sources to create a single application view of a customer record.