Make IT Happen

Gone are the days of wishing you could get the budget to apply software to a business problem. No more waiting on IT to make necessary changes and additions to your solutions.

Say hello to ATOMM


ATOMM is a low and no code software solution that provides a powerful architectural foundation to build any application or point solution on top of.

This technology and the data driven principles behind it have been proven out and finetuned over the last 30 years as the backbone technology of large enterprises across every industry. Our platform ATOMM takes that technology and the lessons learned from thousands of large-scale deployments and brings it to market at a price accessible to anyone with an interface focused on usability.

Feature Set

When simplicity is desired, but capability is required, ATOMM delivers. With our comprehensive and configurable feature set, you and your business can be confident that your users will be comfortable, and your data and solutions will be secure. ATOMM comes complete with everything you need to build the solutions that will power your business for years to come.


Data Modelling


System Integrations


Business Rule Automation

Screen Configuration

Custom Interfaces