Use Cases

01 Master Data Management

Utilize ATOMM as the nucleus of your data management strategy. With it’s business focused configurability and multi-tenant infrastructure, you can spin up a solution in no time to get a quick win for your organization. From there, let ATOMM grow with you.

Continue to add more features, screens, buttons, business rules and entire data objects at your own discretion, no development needed.

Digital Assets

02 Development Accelerator

Whether we are talking about the initial development of a solution, or long term maintenance and updates, the nature of ATOMM’s configurability revolutionizes the software development process. Forget about long lead times, overextended discovery sessions and massive development teams, ATOMM empowers business users to build to their own needs in real-time.

Point of Sale
Customer Portal
Asset Management
Task Management
Internal Communications

03 Governance

ATOMM’s configuration options around data definitions, workflow, and user privileges enables companies to design and enforce governance into any solutions driven by their ATOMM platform. Accessibility to data, assets and content of any type can be restricted or expanded based on size, type, and/or category. Then you can leverage business rules to validate and transform data to fit your workflow and business needs.